Running for charity…

Many people generally ask me why do I run for charity?
Would it not be easier for me to just donate some money and be done with it?
You would still be contributing for a cause…

I think it is really a very personal choice on how you would like to contribute.

I would like to list down my reasons for running for a charity –

  1. Running for a purpose
    I always loved to run. A couple of knee surgeries completely crushed my confidence and the fear of not being able to run ever again was very real. In times like this, my journey to start running again was very slow and sometimes demotivating. The idea of running for a charity was a very major motivating factor for me. I ran my 5K after my surgery in 2010, followed with it up with a 10K in 2011 and a couple of 10Ks in 2012. I ran my first 21K on Nov 11, 2012 raising funds for Singapore Heart foundation. I will run my first marathon on Jan 20, 2013 for CanKids (India). It gives me a purpose that allows me to look beyond my incapabilities and work towards achieving something for a bigger purpose.
  2. Helping spread the word
    There are a lot of people doing many good things. All these people need help. There are a lot of people who want to do something and help in some way. They just don’t know how to go about finding the right charities etc. I just try to make it easier to help people get closer to the causes that they want to contribute.
  3. Running for a charity pushes me to train hard
    Sometimes my laziness rules over me and somehow I cannot get out of my bed to go to train. Running for a charity helps me wake up in the morning to train because I know I owe to all those people whom I am running for. I also owe it to all those people who contribute to the charity I am running for.
  4. Reaching a wider audience
    A friend of mine pointed this out to me. I might donate $50 for a charity.
    But by running for a cause, if I get even 10 people to donate for me, I can actually end up raising 10 times the money.
    It makes me feel good that all this will go for a good cause and of course, more the merrier.
  5. Making new friends
    I meet a lot of like minded people who run for charity or are there just to cheer the runners. Some of them are people who I will never come across in my life otherwise. I am grateful and sincerely appreciate their presence and inspiration in my life.

To cut the long story short, I run for a charity, because I can and I want to!

If any of you want to contribute to my upcoming races, please leave me a comment here…I will get back to you on how to contribute…

Thanks all for reading! Keep fit!


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