Seriously! Is nothing off limits any more?

I woke up to the news of what happened at the Boston Marathon… I was saddened, horrified and angry at the same time. This is really not done. Is nothing off limits any more? Schools, public transport, offices… nothing? And now this.
Running a marathon is symbolic of the determination, hard work and will power. The guys who run at the Boston marathon are a source inspiration to people all around the world. If I had lived in the US, I would have been there at the finishing line too, cheering the runners. To target these people who were there just to get their dose of inspiration and to support the runners is so cowardly.

My heart goes out to everyone out there and also to the athletes and runners all over the world. Today is a very sad day for all of us.


Happy birthday Preeti…

It has been 5 years since I have wished Preeti “happy birthday”. I did not know that morning of April 1, 2008, will be Preeti’s last birthday celebration. It would have been her 35th birthday this year.

March 1993, Nithya’s birthday


Growing up, we would talk about getting older and somehow we always had this belief that we would be really well dressed, smart old ladies with a great sense of humour.  I never imagined she would not live beyond 30. My fondest memories of Preeti is when she would try to babysit my little sister. My sister and I were closest to the siblings that she never had. Most people remember us as the tall me and the not so tall her, laughing like maniacs while walking together on the road in our housing colony back home.

Preeti – You are¬†always in my mind and I am never going to forget you. It is your birthday today and I am not sad. I am happy that you were in my life and brought a lot of fun and smiles to my life. Just want you to know that I will celebrate today with good company and great food, the way you would want me to. I do miss you and wish you could have lived longer….